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Sunday, April 2, 2016

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Hey Team Justice!!

Suprise! It’s not a joke, even though a couple days post April Fool’s.

Really…it’s me, Jillian! Well nowadays, I prefer Mama J since I am now the proud mama of Jaylin Jackson Roth or what you may remember as Baby Z.

In fact, can you believe that it’s been 505 days to be exact?! Interestingly, the same number as the area code of my soul home–New Mexico, yet that’s for another time to explore. What have I been up to for the last year and a half?!

Simply put, birth and transformational white space (what I’ve dubbed my Mama Sabbatical) to mold my Mama Mindset. I’m now ready to fully share as I transition to a place of healing on many fronts.

While there has been loads of joy, laughter, and bliss, it has also been a magical juggle and struggle to shift from preparing for my ideal of motherhood to living my reality of mamahood. I now chuckle that I imagined getting back to work 12 weeks after giving birth at home. Though in many ways, it’s that shift in flow, perspective, and mindset that has made the journey live UP to each one of my core desired feelings.

As you might remember, it was mid-November 2014 when I hit the pause button on my then self-employment/entrepreneur journey. A definite privilege I don’t take lightly thanks to CA Paid Family Leave. It was just about a week shy of Thanksgiving and on the brink of winter. Like the shifting season and chapter of my life, I invited you to turn inward. I was doing the same in preparation for my desired home birth of Baby Z–how we then referenced our daughter who’s sex (perceived status of M/F) was unknown at the time.

Here’s the blog post I invited you to read in hopes of inspiring your own inward journey. In doing so, I allowed myself to DREAM about the next chapter of my ideal life as a mama…

What will 2015 hold? How do I want to feel?

Is this different than what I wanted to feel a year ago?

How can I help others do the same and live authentically?

Almost a year and a half later and I have SO much to say! I’ve learned that the small, deliberate choices we make infused with love and daily intention matters. First, as I kept alive this beautiful being with nourishment from my body, love from my soul, and magic from my mindset. Getting to know our daughter as JJ* leads the way with ease + wonder + bliss.

And now, using choice + love + intention to guide our daughter to thrive + grow as her first teachers in love + life. This Mama Mindset as I now call it has inspired my next path and business journey as a mamapreneur:

MJL_Email Header #2_Apr 16While Jillybeads 4 Justice still lives, it will move to the backburner for now (beads + babies don’t really work so well) as its business identity shifts. I see now that I was asking it to hold all my passions + intentions for serving the world. That’s a lot to ask one vision and one business to do. My focus is now clear…

Serving mamas and those who desire self-love! As I wholeheartedly believe we all deserve and need to mother our soul and inner child. As such, my vision is to Inspire a Lovelution of Intentional Justice with a Mama Mindset!

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With love + intent,

Much love. Be love. Beloved.
Jillian Sig with Heart


*I am using Jaylin’s initials instead of the expected / perceived pronoun of she as an act of intentional gender identity / expression justice.